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Kombayi blasts indigenisation law


GWERU — The late former Gweru businessman and politician Patrick Kombayi’s son, Hamutendi, has attacked government’s indigenisation policy as heavily tilted in favour of Zanu PF.

Kombayi told NewsDay on the sidelines of the Midlands Hotel casino car draw on Sunday Zanu PF stalwarts were dangling a “fake angel approach” to the indigenisation drive when they knew it was an exclusive Zanu PF members’ cash cow.

“When people talk of indigenisation and empowerment, we the sons and daughters of those who fought in the liberation struggle should also be involved, not just some misguided youths,” Kombayi said.

“If I were (Indigenisation minister Saviour) Kasukuwere I would approach Zimplats and ask them to help in setting up hydro-electric stations at our dams so as to generate enough power, even for export to other countries, rather than to take $10 million from them under the so-called community ownership trusts that are unaccountable to the public anyway.”

Kombayi added: “My (MDC-T) president Morgan Tsvangirai is right when he says indigenisation and empowerment need to be properly crafted to cater for all including Zanu PF, MDC and even whites.

Why should (President Robert) Mugabe change now when he is the one who talked of reconciliation in the first place? So after the Third Chimurenga we should map our way and talk of a better Zimbabwe.”

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