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Mbira artists hold traditional ceremony


The recently formed Dare reMagwenyambira Mbira Association will host their second mbira affair dubbed “Bira reChando”, a traditional ceremony to observe the coming of the winter season at Norton Culture Centre on Saturday.

The association was recently formed by a group of mbira artists and fans with the aim of promoting mbira music across the globe.

“The concept of the ‘Bira reChando’ is simply a prayer to Musikavanhu (God) asking for the approaching winter season to come and go in goodness and mercy,” said Donald Nyamayaro, the association’s publicist.

He said that kind of traditional gathering was not anything new to Zimbabweans as it was common many years ago when ancestors would ask God to protect them in winter so that the cold would not destroy people, livestock and crops.

Nyamayaro said mbira lovers could expect an eventful traditional concert with various performances by Mbira dzeNharira, Mawungira eNharira, Hwevambira, The Great Mbira Sounds and Dziva reMbira.

“We will also have performances by upcoming talented mbira outfits like Madendera eKumabvazuva, Nyuchi dzeGonera, Nhare dzeChirorodziva and Akurura Mbira Vibes and many others,” he said.

Nyamayaro said through such events they hoped to encourage the composition of mbira music and performance skills

The association promised to hold various concerts to promote mbira music and encourage professionalism in mbira groups.

“During the concert, the original members of Mbira dzeNharira who have since gone separate ways will get together for a performance to dispel rumours that they did not see eye to eye,” said Nyamayaro.

Other upcoming mbira events by the association will include the Nehanda Day in April, Chaminuka Day, Heroes in August, Zim Bira Festival in October, Bira reMukondombera and Mashava/vaShavi in November.

The association is made up of Tendai Gahamadze of Mbira Dzenharira who is the chairman, Tichaona MaAfrika of Maungira Enharira (vice-chairman), George Chogurwei (secretary), Grace Alvera (vice-secretary) and Nyamayaro (treasury and publicity officer).

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