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Beta Holdings urged to come to Zambia


Government has urged Beta Holdings, a Zimbabwean pan-brick and tile manufacturing company, to consider establishing a plant in Zambia because its products are of a bulky nature.

Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Yamfwa Mukanga said government was happy that Beta had decided to enter the Zambian market formally by signing an agentship agreement with a local company, Kumalinga Trading Limited, for the supply of its range of products.

This will also ultimately provide the much-needed employment opportunities for Zambians not only in the production process, but also in the value chain and the distribution process, Mukanga said.

Mukanga was speaking on Thursday night during the official launch of Beta Holdings products at Lusakas Hotel Inter-Continental.

Initially, Beta Holdings was supplying its products to the Zambian market without a structure, focus and back-up service.

Now you have the agencyship to provide the structure and back-up service for supplying Beta Holdings products to the Zambian market, Mukanga said.

Beta Holdings Limited managing director Godfrey Manhambara said his company was proud to be contributing to the Zambian economy, creating jobs and being part of the Zambian community.

As we move forward with operations, I look forward to our future here, the breaking of the ground of our manufacturing plant one day and the use of Zambian soil to create our bricks, Manhambara said.

He said as the Zambian construction industry continues to expand, adding structures to the landscape, structures in which people would come to work, play and relax, Beta Holdings and Kamulinga would be part of this expansion.

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