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Man (18) commits bestiality on cow


KAROI An 18-year-old Karoi man was allegedly caught red-handed by a fellow villager while committing bestiality on his cow.

Sludge Pakare of Chakwana village, Chief Chundu, Karoi, last week appeared before Magistrate Robson Finsin facing bestiality charges.

The court heard that sometime in February this year at around 2pm, the accused went to the grazing area where he was herding cattle.

He allegedly drove a cow to a bushy area and sexually abused it, the State alleged.

A passerby Sour Janda is said to have found the accused half naked while on top of the beast.
Janda then allegedly beat up the accused for committing the abhorrent crime before the matter was reported to the police.

Pakare was remanded out of custody to April 3. Benjamin Negato prosecuted.

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