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State case against MLF suffers blow


The case of Mthwakazi Liberation Front leaders Paul Siwela, Charles Thomas and John Gazi, facing charges of treason, yesterday suffered a big blow after one of the detectives who arrested Gazi exonerated him from the distribution of flyers and conspiring to subvert the constitutional government of Zimbabwe.

Patrice Nyanhete, a detective sergeant with the Criminal Law and Order section who conducted a search and arrested Gazi at his house on March 4, a day after Thomas was arrested in Entumbane, made the admission during cross examination by Gazi’s lawyer, Advocate Sabelo Sibanda.

Nyanhete said Gazi never participated in the distribution of the flyers and said it would be incorrect to say he conspired to subvert the constitutional government of Zimbabwe by distributing flyers inciting the masses to revolt against the government.

“At the time you arrested Gazi, was he distributing any flyers to anyone at all?” asked Sibanda.

“He was not distrusting flyers as he was in his house,” said Nyanhete. However, Nyanhete later changed his position and said Gazi caused the distribution of the flyers before he exonerated him again.

“Would you not also agree that it would be factually incorrect to suggest that Gazi unlawfully, and with the intention of subverting the government of Zimbabwe, distributed the flyers?” asked Sibanda.

“It’s incorrect to say that,” responded Nyanhete.

Nyanhete also revealed irregularities in the handling of the exhibit especially the alleged 10 flyers which were recovered from Gazi’s house which were not before the court as exhibits.

They brought similar ones which were not marked and labelled as stipulated by the law and also could not account for a search warrant authorising the search at Gazi’s house.

Nyanhete also failed to explain why minutes of the meeting the trio held at Siwela’s offices, where it is alleged they planned to distribute flyers- which were recovered at Gazi‘s house, became part of exhibits yet the flyers were not there.

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