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Chigwedere consults national archives


The on-going Mubaiwa headmanship dispute between former Education, Sport, Arts and Culture minister Aeneas Chigwedere with Hwedza villager and relative Raines Chadoka took a new twist last week when the historian produced documentary evidence from the National Archives of Zimbabwe.

Chigwedere, who is embroiled in the wrangle with Chadoka, dug deep from the national records in a bid to convince the court he never wrested the headmanship as alleged by his relative.

The Mashonaland East governor spent the whole day giving evidence at the High Court before Justice Andrew Mutema outlining the chronological order of events prior to him taking over as headman of the Mubaiwa dynasty.

Chigwedere, who is being represented by Harare lawyer Tendai Masawi, produced huge documentary evidence showing the headmanship of the Mubaiwa dynasty alternated between the Chipango and Munzverengi families.

According to the family tree records obtained from the national archives compiled on October 15 1972, which were produced in court as exhibit, the headmanship falls within the Chigwedere family.

Chigwedere disputed evidence which was led in court to the effect that one of his descendants, Hwenyika, seized the headmanship from Chadokas descendants Musekiwa.

Chigwedere told the court Musekiwa was never appointed headman and Hwenyika did not sieze the headmanship from him.

The governor said after the death of one of his descendants, Regis Taderera on May 7 1972, one only identified in court as Engelbert from Chadokas descendants took over the headmanship. It was only after the death of Engelbert that Chigovanyika, who is Chigwederes father, took over the headmanship.

Chigwedere defended his decision to carry out a ceremony in recognition of his appointment as headman at a country club, arguing he chose the place as it was a central point for convenience purposes. Judgment in the matter has been reserved.

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