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Bills resuscitated


The Human Rights Commission (HRC) and Electoral Amendment Bills were on Tuesday revived in the House of Assembly Order Paper by Justice and Legal Affairs acting minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The two Bills, which triggered violence when Parliament held public hearings to gather peoples views, were stagnated after the expiry of the third session of the Seventh Parliament to pave way for the fourth session.

According to Parliament rules, an issue already before Parliament can be resuscitated even after a new session has been opened.

The motion was accepted by MPs and crafting of the two Bills will now continue.

The HRC Bill had reached the second reading stage when it was superseded by opening of a new Parliament session.

Justice and Legal Affairs deputy minister Obert Gutu in an interview with NewsDay said there were shortcomings in the Bill on Section 9 (4) which rules against investigating cases that occurred before the formation of the inclusive government February 13 2009.

The Electoral Amendment Bill was in its first reading stage.

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