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Chief blames drought on women


MATOBO — Chief Malaki Masuku on Sunday lashed out at women for dressing scantily, adding dress codes which did not conform to African culture were responsible for “supernatural curses” like droughts.

Addressing his subjects at his traditional court, Masuku blamed women wearing miniskirts of contributing to the many catastrophes affecting the country.

“What women do these days is horrible. You see women moving in the streets almost naked, exposing their thighs with no care who sees them,” he said.

“This angers God and that is why the nation is struck by disease and drought.

“Do you think the rain can come under such evil circumstances?”

He said unless people turned away from such behaviour, the nation would continue to be haunted by problems.

Masuku’s remarks were contrary to most of the women at the traditional court’s thinking as they contended there was nothing wrong with miniskirts and pointed out that in the olden days women moved around almost naked.

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