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MDC-T youths warn Chief Negomo


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party youths yesterday threatened to “deal” with Chief Negomo should he set foot at the Premier’s Strathaven residence to attach his property over the
Locardia Tembo marriage saga.

The MDC-T youths told NewsDay in an interview that the traditional leader wanted to promote anarchy by undermining the Office of the PM.

Chief Negomo has been fighting Tsvangirai since last November after the Premier allegedly paid lobola for the Harare businesswoman in the “sacred November month” in breach of traditional norms.

“We will be waiting for him when he comes to Strathaven,” said Promise Mkwananzi, the MDC-T youth assembly secretary-general.

“There is anarchy and we are going to respond. He is undermining the Office of the Prime Minister and we want to warn him that if he comes we will be waiting for him,” Mkwananzi said.

“This is a good example of the contempt by Zanu PF against State institutions. This continued futile attempt is condemnable.”

Chief Negomo has threatened to attach property at Tsvangirai’s Strathaven home this week after the PM failed to pay two head of cattle, two sheep, a 10-metre cloth and a ball of snuff as punishment for paying the bride price in November.

The chief warned that should Tsvangirai fail to pay the fine after the property is attached, he would auction it.

Last year, government said Chief Negomo did not have jurisdiction over the area where the Prime Minister allegedly married.

Sessel Zvidzai, Local Government, Urban and Rural Development deputy minister, said at the time Christon Bank, the venue for the alleged traditional ceremony, was not under Chief Negomo’s jurisdiction.

The Premier refused to attend the chief’s court session, where he had been summoned with his lawyers, saying the process was illegal.

Mkwananzi added: “When a government lets a chief attach a whole Prime Minister’s property over some silly, tired, old ritual which people violate every day, then you know you need to change that government and bring sanity to the country.”

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