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Goblins molesting nurses — chief


MATOBO — Female staffers at Nathisa Clinic have sought the assistance of Chief Malaki Masuku amid fears goblins were sexually molesting them at night.

This was revealed by Chief Masuku to his subjects during his traditional court session at his home yesterday.

“There is an issue which is said to have been bothering some people here for the past five years, but I just heard of it recently,” the chief said.

“Nathisa Clinic authorities have approached and told me that female nurses are complaining over goblins that are sexually molesting them at night.”

The chief said the authorities told him the clinic was on the verge of closing down if the local traditional leadership and villagers did not take action as a matter of urgency.

“The female staff at the clinic claim they have sleepless nights and they are threatening to leave the clinic if nothing is done soon. After the clinic authorities approached me, I then approached the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association (Zinatha) who said they would bring their members from Harare to deal with the crisis,” said Chief Masuku.

He said a Zinatha official would conduct the cleansing at a fee and it was incumbent upon the villagers to raise the funds.

“The clinic is ours and that is where our lives depend. If we allow nurses to abandon it, who will help us when we fall sick? We are supposed to contribute some money for the cleansing of the clinic. We are yet to agree on the amount to be contributed per household here,” he said.

However, the chief said he would have to seek government approval first before conducting the ceremony.

“If the problem is not solved, the nurses will go because no one would dare stay where creatures suck her breasts and sexually abuse her,” he said.

A clinic employee who was at the chiefs’ court confirmed his female colleagues told him of the problem.

He said the creatures started tormenting staff five years ago.

When NewsDay visited the clinic, it was deserted. A female employee refused to talk to NewsDay and referred this reporter to the district officials at Maphisa who could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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