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Former governor apologises for rape


GWERU — Former Midlands Governor Cephas Msipa has apologised on behalf of men to all women who have been traumatised through rape, saying sexually abusing women and girls was shameful in African culture.

Msipa, who made a plea to men to appeal to their conscience, said many women and girls had been infected and affected by the HIV virus after being raped.

“In most rape cases it is us men who are perpetrators. But have we (men) reflected on the pain that we cause women and girls after sexually abusing them, particularly when they become infected with the HIV virus.

“We should own up to our shameful deeds and today I take it upon myself to stand on behalf of men and apologise to all the women out there. It is not easy to apologise for bad deeds on behalf of others but still someone has to do it and show commitment to stop evil,” Msipa said at a belated provincial World Aids Day in Gweru Friday.

Msipa, who made the passionate plea after digressing from his prepared speech, said it was disheartening that in most cases relatives entrusted to look after girls ended up sexually abusing them.

Meanwhile, guest speaker at the event gospel artist Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave appealed to leaders at all levels to promote the uptake and utilisation of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMCT), saying no newly-born babies should be infected with HIV.

Mashavave also challenged the health ministry and National Aids Council to make available male circumcision centres in all districts across the country in order to reduce HIV transmission.

“I want to challenge the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare together with the National Aids Council and other partners to ensure that male circumcision is available and accessible in all districts,” she said.

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