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‘Firms not rewarding performers accordingly’


Zimbabwean employees are generally not agreed over performance-related remuneration because they believe senior management do not prioritise it and the systems used are flawed and lack objectivity, a report has said.

A report titled Pay and Performance Issues: The Employees’ Perspective released by Industrial Psychology Consultants (Private) Limited, said 55,3% of the respondents to its survey believed that performance management was not given top priority by senior management.

“When it comes to performance management, most employees feel that senior management do not prioritise it and believe that the systems they currently use are flawed and lack objectivity.

“This they attributed to the fact that top performers do not get rewarded better than non-performers hence most of the employees are not happy with their different performance management systems as they do not serve what they claim to do,” the report said.

The report said 50,8% of the respondents believed top performers were not rewarded any better than non-performers while 30,2% of the respondents do agree with the assertion that top performers get rewarded better than non-
performing employees. The remaining 19% were not sure.

“However, employees admitted to the fact that their current performance management systems are based on measuring objective targets, though they do not implement consequences for either good or poor performance,” the report said.

The report stated that most of the employees believed that salaries should be linked to the Poverty Datum Line, productivity and inflation together at the same time without considering each factor independently.

“It was also noted that when it comes to pay confidentiality, the majority of the employees want their salaries to remain confidential. On average, employees feel that CEOs should get a salary ten times more than that of the lowest paid employees though others feel that salaries shouldn’t differ so much, rather the benefits and allowances should,” read the report.

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