Man murders brother over turkey


MASVINGO- A 26-year-old Mwenezi villager allegedly murdered his brother following a dispute over a missing turkey.

Police said the incident occurred at Njegu village under Chief Mazetese last Saturday.

District police spokesperson Sergeant Nkululeko Nduna said the suspect had since been arrested and was now helping police with investigations.

“Yes, I can confirm the murder case in which Reuben Njegu (26) murdered his brother, George Ncube (43) in a dispute over Ncube’s missing turkey,” Nduna said.
He said preliminary investigations had established that Ncube had accused his younger brother of stealing the turkey.

Nduna said on the fateful day, Ncube and Njegu went to Jetias Madziva’s home in Maphisa village for a beer drink.

“As they were leaving the homestead where they were drinking, the now deceased Ncube accused his brother Njegu of stealing his turkey. Ncube poked Njegu in the face with his walking stick as he was disabled, immediately provoking Njegu who retaliated by dispossessing his brother of his walking stick and using it to assault him on the head repeatedly until Ncube died,” said Nduna.

Nduna said after the murder, Njegu allegedly rushed to inform his father, Mtajwa Dlegu (72) that he had killed his brother. Dlegu then reported the matter at Maranda Police Station, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

A family spokesperson, Ellison Moyo told NewsDay yesterday they were still trying to come to terms with the incident.

“Reuben shocked the community here,” Moyo said. “He acted as if he was possessed. The scene was so ghastly.”

“After the murder, Reuben roamed the village in a strange manner announcing that he had murdered his brother, George before making similar confessions at the arrival of the police.”

The deceased’s body was taken to Masvingo General Hospital for post mortem.


  1. May God have mercy.surely this supports basil george mwale’s teachings for he emphasized that we are in the last brothers shall kill each other over petty issues because if anger starts a demon will harden the heart and will operate further thus causing destruction to the person u see now this person will live the whole life in jail coz he let anger control him surely i have seen that anger is destructive and is a weapon of the devil that destroys love and the heart of God in man.I will now take basil george mwale’s teaching and i will never allow anger to control me because i have now seen its consequences.thank u Lord for such a revelation and i will never take teachings for granted.thank u newsday for publishing this story.God bless u

  2. Mysteries Revealed:
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