Controversy destroyed my career – Maskiri


Urban grooves musician Alishias “Maskiri” Musimbe is fighting to reclaim lost fame and admits his “controversial” conduct in the prime years of his career was a big mistake.

When the “bad boy” tag haunted him a few years ago, Maskiri retreated to Guruve and then migrated to South Africa where he worked to restart his career. His achievement in South Africa was the hit Wenera on which he collaborated with a number of artists.

He briefly returned to Harare for live shows but the trick failed and now he is trying his luck in Bulawayo where he is recording a new album.

“When I got onto the scene I wanted to be different and I achieved fame, but it came with the bad boy tag. I have now reformed, but that first part of my career cost me big time,” said Maskiri.

Maskiri made headlines for songs that had sexually suggestive lyrics and were banned from airplay. At that time the artist seemed to enjoy the controversy and went on to name his album Blue Movie.

His personal image was deformed when he was involved in a love wrangle that saw him falling from the fourth floor of a building in Harare’s Avenues area.

Maskiri said his stay in Bulawayo was part of his “recovery programme” as he seeks to return to the limelight.

“I am now based this side at the moment, mixing and mastering my next album titled Recovery. It is a 12-track project which I expect to be on the market by June,” he said.

“I have collaborated with Nox, Sanii Makhalima, Chagwa Black, Nutty G Centre Party and Mzimba and I am happy with the project so far.”

Maskiri said he was working towards clearing his image and would never go back to his “youthful” ways.

“I am a good person now. I am strictly concentrating on serious business and I am not even entertaining women,” he said.

Asked about his view of the current musical scene Maskiri said Zimbabwean artists have improved immensely. He said he respected Desmond “Stunner” Chideme.

“Stunner is a good guy and a good artist too, but the truth must be told. I am the best. I am on a level of my own and no one will be able to get to that level,” boasted Maskiri.