Probe team stops construction in Chi-town


The government team appointed to resuscitate the sagging fortunes of Chitungwiza Municipality yesterday stopped construction on over 2 000 residential stands amid reports of multiple allocations.

The team, led by Manicaland provincial administrator Fungai Mbetsa, was appointed by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo in January.

Mbetsa told NewsDay they had received reports of double or triple allocations on most of the stands, hence the decision to stop all construction activities until the issues have been resolved.

“More than 2 125 stands are in dispute, so we need to clarify those stands before we say go ahead and continue developing them. Some have double and triple allocations while others are not on proper sites,” Mbetsa said.

“Accordingly, developments on allocated stands in some of the areas affected by this operation may be halted for the time being to enable the team to come up with remedial corrections, where necessary.”

Mbetsa appealed for residents’ cooperation as their mission was to re-invigorate and strengthen the municipality operations.

Chitungwiza Residents’ Association chairperson Arthur Taderera said: “We would be glad if that happens because you find now there is not even a playground for our children (yet) the land was given in a corrupt manner. We should have fairness on the issue of stands. On residential stands, we should be more worried. We are told there is no space and those who got stands were allocated on undesignated places. The affected residents must however be given back what they deserve.”

Several senior officials and councillors are being probed over the allegations.