Pole dancers haggle


Pole dancer Beverly Sibanda and her former group member Tariro Chabveka are involved in a bitter war of words following an acrimonious split.

Chabveka recently left Sibanda’s Sexy Angels to join another pole dancer Zoey Sifelani after a serious misunderstanding.

Sibanda accuses Chabveka of insubordination and immorality while the latter says the former is violent and unprofessional.

“I left Beverly for two reasons: I want to pursue an acting career and she is too bossy. She has problems with many people and is sometimes violent,” said Chabveka.

Chabveka said when she announced she was leaving Sibanda assaulted her.

“She became violent and pushed me to the ground,” said the pint-sized dancer.

In a separate interview, Sibanda said Chabveka was involved with a dangerous girl in a dubious relationship that she could not disclose.

“I cannot say much about the issue because the girl that Tariro (Chabveka) is involved with is dangerous. She threatened to hire bouncers to beat me up if I said anything about their relationship,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda said she had warned Sifelani against employing Chabveka. She denied assaulting her former dancer.

Contacted for comment Sifelani rubbished the reports and said the problem was with Sibanda.

Speaking through her manager Denver Musiiwa aka DJ Devante, Sifelani said Sibanda was a great artist, but she was losing out because of an attitude problem.

“We have known Bev for a long time and we respect her as an artist. The question that anyone should be asking is: Why is it that anything bad comes from Beverly?” asked DJ Devante.

“She goes around spreading lies about other people and you wonder what sort of artist she wants to be,” said DJ Devante.

He said it was high time Sibanda became professional and stopped getting involved in petty fights.

This is not the first time that Bev has made news for the wrong reasons.

Sometime last year she was reported to have stalked Peter Moyo among many other dirty stories.