Masenda gets IOC vote of confidence


The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) president Admire Masenda received yet another vote of confidence and recognition for his leadership qualities after he was reappointed to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Commission for Culture and Olympic Education last week.

The appointment was made by the IOC president Jacques Rogge after a review of the membership of commissions for the year 2012. According to a statement by the ZOC, Masenda’s reappointment was confirmed by Rogge on March 6.

The culture and Olympic education commission is one of the biggest, with 35 members drawn from academics, athletes and other IOC members.

Masenda’s first appointment to the commission was in 2010 when he became only the second Zimbabwean to serve in an IOC commission after former president Tommy Sithole, who is the director of development and international co-operation.

The former basketball administrator, who has been at the helm of ZOC since 2006 when he took over from Paul Chingoka, will now serve on the commission for the third consecutive year.

The commission is headed by Lambis Nikolaou from Greece, who has also served on the IOC executive board as vice-president from 2005 to 2009.

Members of the commission are drawn from various nationals including Gambia, South Africa, Italy, Austria, Jordan, Russia, Ukraine and Ecuador.

The commission is composed of IOC members along with representatives of International Federations, National Olympic Committees, athletes, the Paralympic Movement and individual experts.

The mandate of the IOC commission for the culture and Olympic education is to advise the IOC on the promotion of culture and Olympic education and supports IOC programmes and activities related to the education of youth through sport.

Its role is to advise the IOC executive board on what policy the IOC and Olympic Movement should adopt in terms of the promotion of culture and Olympic education and, through its members, supports the IOC programmes and activities in this field.