Mahufe in debut solo exhibition


Talented Zimbabwean painter, Shephered Mahufe is holding a solo exhibition at the Gallery Delta.
The solo exhibition, which is running under the theme Totem People, is Mahufes first ever solo showcase since the launch of his career.

Totem People features about 20 works by the talented painter who executes his works using oil on canvass as well as mixed media and woodcuts.

The works on display depict human figures with the heads and skins of their tribal and clan totems. The extraordinary works on display at the exhibition are full of life and humour.

The solo exhibition is set to run for two months and is being curated by Helen Lieros.

Speaking about the solo exhibition director of Gallery Delta, Derrick Huggins praised the talented painter for his artistic creativity.

Shephered Mahufe is remembered for his paintings of the slaughter of a steer and people carrying sides of beef in a rural setting which were shown in the first Colour Africa 2000 exhibition in Munich, said Huggins.

His preference and preoccupation with the stage and perfomance comes to the fore in his latest series of works that depict human figures, be they politicians in Parliament or at public meetings, wrestlers or beauty queens with the heads and skins of their revered tribal and clan totems.

He added that Shephereds first solo exhibition was a sign that he has found the new direction he has been seeking for a long time and is enjoying himself and his work.

Mahufe started his career in the early 80s.
In July last year he exhibited alongside some of Zimbabwes finest artists at the Gallery Delta as part of an exhibition which ran under the theme, Still Life/Objects.

His solo exhibition at the Gallery Delta also opened alongside Land, Sea and Sky, an exhibition of land and seascape paintings.

The exhibition features paintings by 18 established local artists.

The exhibition is also set to run up until the end of March and it is being curated by Lieros.

The works on display at the exhibition are a reflection of natures influence on men and at the same time show the relationship between men and the environment.

Artists taking part in the exhibition include Artur Azevedo, Rashid Jogee, Justin Gope, Dian Wright, Stehen Huntsman Williams, James Jali, Daryl Nero among other seasoned painters.