Creating independent young people


In this world many people use young people for the wrong reasons including turning them into political violence machines.

It is rare to find people who devote their time and energy to assist the youth to be independent and to start their own businesses.

Begu Holds Foundation is an organisation with a difference as it targets young people with the sole aim of turning them into entrepreneurs so that they become independent and lead a purposeful life.

The founder of the organisation is a young man named Believe Guta, who like his name, believed in the potential of the youth and hatched the idea of uplifting them, culminating in the birth of Begu Holds Foundation.

Begu Holds Foundation began in 2008 and its main thrust is to help youths upgrade their lives especially those who are unemployed.

The organisation encourages youths to start small incoming generating projects for their survival.
Begu holds training workshops for the youth where they invite local and international business gurus to give guidance.

In 2009 they invited prominent people such as Steve Hall chief executive officer of Empire Construction from the United States of America, John Kauya of Kauya Patners, Phillip Chiyangwa, Pastor Tsumba from Celebration and Nigel Chanakira among others, to guide the youth on how to start their own businesses.

That year, many youths were incorporated into small-scale businesses in the farming and mining industries.

The organisation, based in Kadoma a gold rich area, assisted a number of young people to be involved in the mining of the precious mineral.
Guta understands how to lead young people as he started on the leadership path at a tender age.

He was a prefect at Jameson High School and he became a junior clerk and junior minister in Kadoma. He was also a junior MP in 2008.
Young people who benefited from Gutas wisdom testified to this reporter how they were motivated to be successful.

Tarisai Nyachowe who said she grew up with Guta and the two would to go to church together.
Nyachowe used to attend every conference and workshop organised by Guta.

She said Guta motivated her to be business minded all the time.

Nyachowe started her printing and stationery company called Dynamic Solution trading as Porta Trading Company. She sells stationery to companies and schools. In school she focuses mainly on chalk, books and registers for teachers.

At the time of the interview she said she had worked with Tafara Primary School and Mbovhara Secondary School in Kadoma. She also does laminating, binding and photocopying.

She is also into printing business mainly and she is currently focusing on T/shirts at the moment. Nyachowe said she was taught about life skills, morals and on how to build confidence to start a business by Guta.

Mody Chibota owns a gift shop in Kadoma called Kadoma Gift Shop. Her business was not functioning well because of lack of knowledge on how to run a business.

She started attending workshops and conferences organised by Begu Holds Foundation. She was helped a lot on how to manage the finances of the shop. Her business is now making profit because of this foundation.

Mitchell Mhara is a student Jameson High School who said they were involved in doing a lot of activities with Begu.

They have carrier guidance programmes were they are taught different life skills and how to choose a carrier. This was an eye opener to most of the student since they were not quite sure on what they want to do after finishing their Advanced level.

Apart from helping youths come up with viable business projects, the foundation also assisted gifted young people to pursue their studies.

There are children Guta helped to seek scholarship from Jameson High School and these include Oscar Takabvira and Mazvitanashe Mangize who are studying in the United States of America.

For Begu, it is forward with youth empowerment.