Businessmans son jailed


Prominent Kwekwe businessman Peter Gores son Peter (Junior) was on Tuesday sentenced to an effective 18 months in jail after he was found guilty of fraudulently selling a house to two people.

Peter (28) was sentenced to 36 months for duping a Kwekwe Polytechnic lecturer, Cletos Ncube, of $6 600.

However, six months of the sentence were suspended for five years and a further 12 set aside on condition Peter restituted Ncube the $6 600 by April 30.

The accused had sold a house in Mbizo suburb to Chipo Madosta before selling it again to Ncube for $7 000 sometime last January.

After paying R44 000 and $400, Ncube went to council to initiate change of ownership of the property, but discovered the house now belonged to Dick Kanyiso who had bought it from the first buyer Madosta.

Ncube immediately made a police report, resulting in Peters arrest.

In passing sentence magistrate Letwin Rwodzi said: It is acceptable that it is not wrong that the natural indignation of interested persons and the community at large should receive some recognition in the sentence . . . if sentences for serious crimes are too lenient the administration of justice may fall into disrepute and injured persons may be inclined to take the law into their own hands.

Ndamuka Chikuni appeared for the State.