Bid to push out Copac drafters intensifies


Zanu PF plot to push the constitutional drafters out intensified on Wednesday after Copac co-chairperson Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana (Zanu PF) vowed he will never sign for the renewal of their contracts.

Mangwana alleged the three drafters Justice Moses Chinhengo, Brian Crozier and Priscilla Madzonga had been mischievouswhile drafting the new charter for Zimbabwe by including clauses the former ruling party will never agree to.

Mangwana said the drafters mischief had landed him in problems with the former ruling party where some of his colleagues had lost confidence in him.

I have made it abundantly clear that the party and I have no confidence in them and I will never give my consent to renewal of their contracts as they have been mischievous and did not follow instructions.

For example, they added clauses that we did not agree about, such as that homosexuality should be by choice, they brought in the issue of dual citizenship, and also added clauses on abolishment of the death penalty and disqualification of a sitting President from contesting after five two-year terms, he said.

Mangwana said he suspected the drafters had been given instructions to do so by people trying to promote their political agendas. But his counterpart, Edward Mkhosi (MDC) said his party will endorse the extension of the three drafters contracts, arguing they did nothing wrong.

It is unfair to say the three drafters have not done their duties well as they only worked on instructions from us and we also gave them the leeway to fill in necessary gaps, Mkhosi said.

No political party in Copac should think its views are more important than others. It should be a win-win situation because we are making a national constitution and not a constitution for a particular party.

Repeated efforts to contact another Copac co-chairperson, Douglas Mwonzora (MDC-T), were fruitless, but the former opposition party is on record exonerating the drafters of any wrong-doing.