MPs hail anti-graft crusade


The African Parliamentarians Network against Corruption (Apnac) yesterday called for the arrest of Cabinet ministers, MPs and other senior public officials abusing public funds.

Apnac is a grouping of legislators working to strengthen parliaments capacity to fight corruption and promote good governance.

It has national chapters in 21 African countries, including Zimbabwe.

Willias Madzimure, the Apnac chairman, told NewsDay that diverting funds meant for the poor was anti-development.

All resources made available to MPs, ministers or other persons of authority should be channelled to the poorest of the poor to facilitate development and uplifting of the living standards of the people, Madzimure said.

We support any move to make sure that anyone who has committed a crime is brought to account.
Madzimure said Apnac was also against the abuse of laws to fight political battles instead of corruption.

Any person who abused their role, for example, the Attorney-Generals Office, directors in ministries or institutions, the army and police, or wherever corruption is committed should be arrested and the responsible people should be treated in the same manner regardless of the political party they belong to, colour, religion or creed, he said.

He said Apnac was holding workshops to remind legislators to be responsible when handling public funds.

Four MPs from both Zanu PF and MDC-T have been arrested in the last two weeks for allegedly abusing money allocated to them under the Constituency Development Fund.

MPs received $50 000 each for the development of their constituencies in 2010 and some of them are accused of abusing the funds to their own use.