Zapu sweats over impending eviction


Senior Zapu officials yesterday said they were still negotiating with a landlord in Bulawayo to avoid being thrown out of their rented premises over unpaid rentals.

The party was last week given seven days to vacate the building, which it uses as its headquarters, after it failed to clear rental arrears now estimated at over
$10 000.

Zapu spokesperson Methuseli Moyo said the party was keeping its fingers crossed that the negotiations would be fruitful because an eviction from the headquarters in Bulawayo could cause a serious administration crisis.

“Right now, negotiations are taking place between the party’s lawyers and the landlord’s lawyers and we are hoping for a happy ending to this issue so that we avoid what could be a crisis,” he said.

“This is something that we definitely need to end successfully.”

Moyo added that the party’s secretary for legal affairs, Stephen Nkiwane, was co-ordinating the negotitations.

“In terms of raising the money, that is something that our treasury is in charge of, but I am sure they will be able to raise the amount needed.

“This was more of a demand for the settlement of the arrears, so money is the main problem here,” he said.

“We are discussing as lawyers representing the party with the lawyers of the landlord and I am confident that this matter will be dealt with successfully, so there is nothing that our members should panic about.”

Analysts have questioned the Dumiso Dabengwa–led Zapu’s ability to launch a credible election campaign when it is reportedly struggling to pay rentals.