Royal Court La Musica releases album


Some of the country’s most talented rhumba artistes joined to form a band named Royal Court La Musica in August last year and they recently released two promotional tracks, Pa Corner System and Ku Mabasa which will be part of their upcoming debut album titled Pa Corner System.

Pa Corner System is a humorous song that describes how people love to do things at corners like social meetings, secret plots and even dropping off public transport. Ku Mabasa deals with how much employees love to complain about their jobs yet to be successful in life, one still has to work very hard.
“Our music is in the Shona language because we want to make a difference; it is for the local people to hear our message and it distinguishes us from other rhumba singers who mainly sing in the Lingala and French languages,” said band Leader Freddy Atumisi.
Atumisi said some of the members, local and Congolese, including himself had come from other acclaimed rhumba groups like BV Labien, Bana Des As and Real Sounds of Africa while others had been spotted individually.
He said the 18-member band consisted of six Congolese and 12 Zimbabweans, amongst them four women. “We are giving out this CD for free and we have been having shows around the capital in nightclubs like Sports Diner, Londoners, City Sports Bar and Club Officers amongst others and in two weeks’ time we will be travelling around the country starting from Mvurwi,” said Atumisi.
He said they would release the full eight-track album in a few months after familiarising themselves with the public and they would work tirelessly to reach their highest levels as they were a team of the most talented rhumba artistes in Zimbabwe.
Atumisi said they were also working on videos for the two tracks which would be released before the album release thus it was important for them to attract as many fans as possible before releasing their debut album.
“The band is here to revive rhumba music in Zimbabwe by giving the people music with a message in their own common language.