Mumiriki salutes Macheso


Orchestra Mberikwazvo rhythm guitarist Lucky Mumiriki has given thanks to Sungura maestro Alick Macheso for caring for him following a stroke.

“I want to thank Alick Macheso for looking after me during the worst part of my illness up to this point where I have recovered. Anytime soon I will be on the stage performing.

“Many employers would have neglected me, but he was there for me. Whenever I wanted help he was always there for me, no matter how big or small the problem was,” said Mumiriki.

He added that he wanted to thank Mberikwazvo fans and friends for their support.

“I would also want to thank William Tsandukwa, Orchestra Mberikwazvo band manager, who has been supportive, fans and my friends for their encouragement, which led to me recovering fast,” said Mumiriki.

Mumiriki’s wife (Mai Melissa) played a pivotal role too in his speedy recovery.

“I would like to thank my wife for sticking by me in these hard times she inspired me to get better by her presence,” said Mumiriki.

Mai Melissa also hailed Macheso’s wife Mai Sharon for her support.

“I want to thank Mai Sharon for not forgetting the children by giving us school fees for our two children and members of our church for their support through prayers,” said Mai Melissa.

He is set to bounce back after a lengthy absence from the stage due to a mild stroke which he suffered early last year.

“I have no exact date on when I will be on stage but mberikwazvo fans should expect me anytime on the stage, I will be performing what they know me doing on stage nothing has changed I can assure them.

“I am now fit though not 100%, I usually go to practice to help others. I have not yet started practising with others, but I will be soon,” said Mumiriki.