‘I will turn State House into lodge’


Presidential aspirant Raymond Chamba (41) says President Robert Mugabe’s tight security was an indication the 88-year-old leader was no longer wanted by the people, adding if he became President, he would convert State House into a public lodge.

“If I am to be President, I will have State House turned into a public lodge. I will also abandon the use of long motorcades. You can’t have a President who travels in a long motorcade at high speed because you won’t see anything and you won’t know reality,” he said.

“You can’t have a President with lots of security. If you have a lot of security, understand one thing — you are not wanted.”

Chamba said he was not afraid to throw himself into the political fray saying he was in fact safer doing so than remaining an anonymous, disgruntled target.

“You are not safer than I am,” he told journalists recently. “In fact, if you want to be murdered, be a councillor or a mayor, but if you are murdered as a presidential candidate at least you will be read about on the Internet.”

“I am not here to be a leader of Zimbabwe per se and par excellence, but because there is a leadership vacuum. We now celebrate mediocrity. My six-year-old son celebrates when the lights are back, we celebrate when water is back in our taps even if it is dirty.”

Chamba also spoke at length on the Chiadzwa diamonds issue saying the current administration was not running the affairs at Marange well.

“What is happening in Chiadzwa is contestable and unsustainable. We are given to the normalcy of police, soldiers and others being partners in Chiadzwa. Why can’t we have teachers and nurses as partners there if we are indeed to be consistent?” he asked.

“What is happening in Chiadzwa is vulgar because we are not getting what God gave us. Why should we allow the pilsener-driven government continue to tell our mothers and brothers that the only thing that comes from the ground they can own are mice?”