Mutani recruits Njerema Boys


Upcoming Sungura artist Obvious Mutani of the Rufaro Kwamuri fame, has recruited three members of his Sungano Express band from fellow Sungura artist, Pedzisai Mesi’s Njerema Boys and a fourth member, who was formerly with another Sungura artist Shuga Shuga, to add to his original nine-piece band.

Norman Mazara, who was once a dancer for Shuga Shuga will continue with his dance moves in Mutani’s Band and the fugitive Njerema band members Paul Timoti, a rhythmist, Obert Marowa, a lead guitarist and Last Paulosi, a sub-rhythm guitarist will also continue in their areas of specialty.

“Paulosi was the first one to approach me last year seeking to be part of my band claiming Njerema Band never held live shows which are a way of generating income and publicity for artists,” said Mutani.

Mutani said when the other two Njerema Band members realised Paulosi had improved dramatically they invited him to join Sungano Express.

He said when Mazara approached him, he was unemployed and had since left Shuga Shuga, thus he took him on board noting his talent was good.
“I have no beef with Mesi. I took the three in goodwill because I had vacant places in my band and music is like a business. Employees will always run to where they get the best offers,” said Mutani.

He said he would not be surprised should the band members leave for greener pastures as that had become the trend in the industry.

Mutani said the growth of his band meant better performances as they would substitute each other to avoid fatigue during highly energetic performances.

“During our days with the Njerema boys, there was no progress at all in our lives, but since joining Sungano Express there has been great progress and there a lot of changes in my own personal life,” said Timoti.

He is currently working on a video for his latest album, Loaded Weapon which will include his new recruits.

Mutani has had great responses to his albums which include Marudzi Dananai (2007), Toisa Kuvanhu (2009) and Rufaro Kwamuri (2010).