Gumede salutes Econet Burundi


Zifa vice-president Ndumiso Gumede has saluted Econet Burundi for their unwavering support to the Warriors during Wednesday’s 2013 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against the hosts in Bujumbura. After arriving at the Burundi airport, the Zimbabwean delegation was asked to pay $90 each for visas which Gumede, who was the head of delegation, said they had thought that their hosts dealt with.

“When we arrived at the airport we were asked to pay for visas, which we thought our host had already solved. After falling to pay for the visa, we had to leave all our passports as we waited for one Zifa employee who was going to bring the money. We then encountered problems in finding accommodation as we had no passports, that is when these guys became handy,” Gumede said.

The travelling delegation was showered with Econet lines — 31 in total — with airtime valued at $5 each.