Tourists warned against Zim roads


The poor state of Zimbabwe’s roads, which have seen 20 000 accidents recorded annually, is a danger to tourists, an Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) report has said.

The report, titled Zimbabwe 2012 OSAC Crime and Safety was released last Friday and stated the country’s roads were “unsafe”.

“Road safety remains the greatest general daily threat to the average visitor to Zimbabwe,” reads part of the report.

“The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe reports there are approximately 20 000 reported vehicle accidents in Zimbabwe a year.”

It said there were 45 to 50 vehicle accidents per day in major cities like Harare.

“There has been a marked deterioration of road infrastructure with increases in large potholes to decreases in operable traffic signals and street lighting,” the report said.

“Travel at night outside of main cities is not advisable due to poor or non-existent lighting. Unsafe road conditions result in increased chances of accidents involving pedestrians, broken down vehicles, animals and other vehicles.”

The report said criminals were taking advantage of inadequate street and traffic lights to attack unsuspecting motorists at road intersections.

“These factors, along with the increased presence of improperly maintained vehicles, poor road quality and street lighting and corrupt/ineffective traffic enforcement, create an environment highly conducive to traffic accidents,” it added.