MDC woos rival councillors


Buoyed by the weekend defection of Bulawayo councillor Nduna Dladla (MDC-T), the MDC led by Welshman Ncube says it is looking forward to more defections from the Morgan Tsvangirai-led party.

The MDC-T dominates the Bulawayo City Council followed by the MDC.

There were rumours that more MDC-T councillors were planning to cross the floor following a dispute over the election of new council committee chairpersons.

MDC spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu challenged the remaining MDC-T councillors and members of other political parties to join MDC if they were “uncomfortable” with operations in their parties.

“As a party we are happy and welcome with open arms the new members who choose to join us,” he said.

“MDC is calling for more people, even councillors, to join us if they feel that they are uncomfortable with their party’s principles.

“People in MDC-T are slowly beginning to realise that their party is just a flipside of Zanu PF.”

But MDC-T spokesperson for Bulawayo Mandla Sibanda, however, told NewsDay his party was not bothered by the defections.

“It is unfortunate that these councillors that are reported to have defected did not tell us officially that they want to leave MDC-T and we are still wondering why they did so,” he said.

“As MDC-T, we believe in democracy and this is a democratic country where people are free to join any political party of their choice.

“We are not bothered that there are defectors, besides many people join MDC-T every day so it will not affect us at all.

“We will not be harmed by people who leave the party in as much as we are open for those that want to join MDC -T.”

Sibanda said the MDC-T was unaware that its councillors had grievances.