Kombi driver jailed, banned for life


A Mutare kombi driver, Maneswa Dennis Takura, has been jailed for an effective six months for negligent driving and banned from driving public transport vehicles for the rest of his life.

Mutare magistrate Sharon Chipanga yesterday convicted Takura (24) on two counts of negligent driving and driving without a valid licence.

On the first count, he was sentenced to $200 or 60 days in prison. On the second count, he was sentenced to six months in jail and further prohibited from driving Class 4 vehicles for the next two years. He was also prohibited from driving Class 2 motor vehicles for the rest of his life.

The court heard on September 9 last year, Takura stopped his vehicle at an undesignated pick-up point at Sakubva Swimming Pool to pick up an elderly woman, Edina Nezomba.

Takura drove off before she had settled down, resulting in her falling off and being run over by the kombi’s rear wheel, breaking her leg.