‘I learnt madness from ANC elders’


Buoyed by the support from Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF youth, Julius Malema says he has learnt mischief and “madness” from African National Congress (ANC) elders as the ruling party admits that ill-discipline could soon be “irreversible”.

It is understood that organisations such as Zanu PF youth, Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) youth of the ruling party of Tanzania, Cuban youth and youth from Botswana National Front, Gaborone’s main opposition, have pledged their support to Malema after he was expelled from the ANC pending his appeal in less than two weeks.

“(Comrade), we wish u well, a luta continua. Think of paying a visit to (Tanzania) with my invitation brother, u have our full support. Young people here they (sic) sing your name,” reads an SMS from Beno Malisa, president of CCM youth.

Malema on Saturday called for the expulsion of ANC leaders who taught him “bad manners”.

He was speaking at a rally of the Limpopo ANC Women’s League, which openly pledged its support and organised a cake for his 31st birthday in his hometown of Polokwane.

He indirectly likened the ANC’s decision to expel him to a parent who badly influences their child and then discards them.

“Even if this child is mad, he is your child, it basically means they learnt this madness from you,” Malema said in the local Sepedi language.
“All we are doing, we have learnt from our elders. If there are people who should be expelled, it’s our elders,” Malema continued.

The controversial youth leader — who once vowed to die and kill for President Jacob Zuma — had a bitter fallout with the South African leader who used to defend his rude and bullying behaviour.

But Malema said he has accepted his expulsion, and that un