Typhoid, cholera fears in Kadoma

KADOMA — Kadoma residents say they are leaving in fear of a possible cholera or typhiod outbreak after going without water for more than a week.

City mayor Peter Matambo confirmed the water crisis, which he blamed on power cuts at the city’s water works.

The city’s estimated 400 000 residents have resorted to fetching water from the few available communal boreholes and unprotected wells.

“Indeed, there were no water supplies since last week following an electrical fault at the water works which Zesa technicians managed to rectify on Tuesday,” Matambo said.

“However, Zesa went on to load-shed and did not spare the strategic area, resulting in our inability to continuously pump water to fill our reservoirs before it gets to all areas.”

He said council had paid for a 24-hour uninterrupted power line to the water works but Zesa was stalling the project, which he said would provide a long-term solution to the city’s water woes.

“While it is regrettable that council was unable to provide clean piped water for over a week, I am pleased that we have not had any major disease outbreak.

“No reports of typhoid or cholera have been received,” Matambo said.

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