Kunonga purge on Anglicans continues


Excommunicated Anglican Church Bishop Nolbert Kunonga continued his onslaught on members of a rival faction after parishioners at St Andrews Arcadia Church in Harare were kicked out of their place of worship over the weekend.

Kunonga was given legal custody of church property by the Supreme Court last year and is using that to evict rival members of the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) led by Bishop Chad Gandiya.

Since his excommunication, Kunonga has taken possession of several Anglican Church buildings around the country, claiming sole custody of the property.

Church warden Margret Fransch said they had their last church service at the premises last Saturday after they were served with an eviction notice to vacate the place by February 24. She said the church was built by the community in 1957.

Eighty-four-year-old Ada Adams said: I contributed immensely at the church. I have not known any church but this one. We built the church on our own, we bought bricks so as to put up this church.

I do not even know what to say, I had to take time to be able to talk to you because I have this huge lump in my throat, so I had to take a deep breath so that I am able to talk. People were crying, it was a real emotional service we had.

We do not know what to do about this, our parents, grandparents built this church. They put in their money to build this church and now Kunonga is evicting us.

Parishioners at our sister church in St Marys were also evicted and they now use another church so we will seek other churches to give us time for us to worship.

Bishop Gandiyas spokesperson Precious Shumba deplored the move as unChristian.

Kunonga should remember that everything has an end and this harassment of church members by him shall come to an end, Shumba said.