Innov8 online bookshop announcement


Zimbabwes Premier Bookshop recently launched an online bookshop where customers can buy and shop for books, gifts, stationery, CDs and DVDs from the comfort of their homes or offices and have them delivered to them anywhere in the world.

Innov8 online bookshop is a cutting edge and innovative channel recently launched by Zimbabwes fast-growing Innov8 Bookshop chain.

This service allows customers to shop for books, stationery and writing instruments using their cellphones or computers, so long as they have Internet access.

For an instant online purchase, all one needs is a valid Visa, Mastercard or FBC prepaid card. Customers may also opt to make purchases using bank transfers into the bank account of Innov8 Bookshop and send proof of payment.

Their purchase is then delivered to their home or office. They can also choose to collect from the nearest Innov8 Bookshop. To buy a book a customer can visit

I am glad there is now something like this in Zimbabwe, as it really provides services conveniently. Now I can buy a book or check its price even after working hours, said Natasha Makore, a customer at Insignia Bookshop at Joina City.

The store boasts of over a thousand books by Zimbabwean and international authors. What distinguishes the online bookshop from others in the region and the world, is its at bias promoting Zimbabwean literature and books.

The store also sells works by world-renowned authors such as Robin Sharma, Stephen Covey, Sydney Sheldon, James Patterson, Joyce Meyer and many other writers.

In addition, Innov8 Bookshop also has exciting offers, bargains, as well as a fast delivery system. To find a book, please visit this link:

Over the past few years at Innov8 Bookshop, we had been working to refresh the book selling experience. However, this journey remained incomplete without the ability to give customers the power to browse and buy books from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Now customers can access the store when they choose and that puts new power into their hands and changes the rules of book selling, Milton Kamwendo the chief executive of Innov8 Inspiration group and motivational speaker, was quoted saying.

Innov8 Bookshop is part of Innov8 Inspiration group, which has interests in education and retail. The retail chain has ten bookshops in Harare and Bulawayo.

For more details contact: Tinashe Nyaruwanga, marketing evangelist, 0772 750 133, 777657-9, and Peace Muwani, managing director, Innov8 Inspiration group, 0772 422 823, 777657-9,