Con-artists drug guard, steal computers


A Harare businessman, Masimba Chigama, allegedly lost computers and accessories worth over $5 000 to a group of suspected con-artists who apparently drugged a security guard at his premises before ransacking his shop on Saturday night.

Chigama said the criminals approached the guard claiming their vehicles radiator had developed a fault and they wanted water.

After being helped they gave the security guard a bottle of juice and a pork pie as a thank you, said Chigama, adding he suspected the drink might have been laced with some intoxicating drug.

When the day guard came, the night guard was fast asleep, but the whole place had been ransacked. We lost four laptops, an Ipad, cameras and cartridges.

After investigations we have concluded that the guard was drugged and the police have said several similar cases have been reported of late. Please notify your security personnel urgently, he said.

Chigama said by yesterday, the guard was still admitted at a Harare hospital.

We asked the night guard after we had made a report to the police what he had eaten the previous night that is when he told us that people had come to the premises at around 8pm and asked for water.

He said he did not open for them, but gave them (the water) over the precast wall and that he had been given a fruit juice (drink) and a pork pie as a thank you, thats all he remembers, he said.