Esoko search for local partners


Ghana-based mobile market information tool Esoko Networks, is scouting for partners to run Esoko in Zimbabwe as a prime licensee.

Esoko allows people to distribute and market information using mobile phones.

In a tender advertisement floated at the weekend, Esoko said it was targeting existing or new local businesses.

“We are looking for an energetic team to partner with us on this exciting project,” Esoko said.

“Esoko networks will provide technical support, installation and set-up, maintenance, application support and training.

“The network will provide up-to-date information from markets across the country to businesses and individuals who can access prices browse offers to buy and sell or advertise their products and services.”

Esoko platform provides information to stakeholders within the trade and agriculture in developing countries.

The platform began in Accra, Ghana, and has spread to other countries, including Malawi, Nigeria, Sudan and Mali.

The platform can be accessed from any Internet-enabled PC or through sms from any phone in any country.

According to the Esoko website, there is need for better information everywhere.