MDC-T engages old guard in election strategy


The MDC-T has set up a Guardian and Student Council to strengthen its structures and ensure connectivity with the grassroots ahead of elections.

The partys national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa yesterday confirmed the development and said the former opposition party was gearing up for the polls.

The role of the Guardian Council is to strengthen the party and enhance effectiveness, energising the base and connecting with the grassroots for effective delivery of real change, Chamisa said.

The council is led by former University of Zimbabwe Vice- Chancellor Professor Gordon Chavhunduka and comprises 30 people including traditional leaders and senior party officials who are at least 55 years old and who have been in the party for more than ten years.

Other members of the council are Water Resources Management and Development minister Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, Norman Mabhena, Silas Matamisa, James Makore and Cephas Makuyana, among others.

The role of the council is to offer advice and wisdom to members of the leadership including the National Executive and National Council and to do advocacy work on behalf of the party. The council will also assist in national healing and reconciliation in society, said Chamisa.

They are luminaries, founder members of the party and are the very people who were there when the party started, said Chamisa.

Its testimony that these are pathfinders of the struggle, pillars of sound advice, reservoirs of the history of the party and a campus of our future, Chamisa said.

Chamisa said the student council would be tasked to give energy to the youths and mobilise the student community ahead of watershed elections.

We will defeat any party whether on this planet or any planet, any day anywhere. Zanu PF does not even exist in the matrix of our competition. Making noise is evidence of panic in the Zanu PF camp.

There is chaos, pandemonium and they are quaking, Chamisa said.