Govt to cancel Willowvale flats deals


The government has threatened to cancel agreement of sale contracts clandestinely obtained by beneficiaries of the State-funded Willowvale Flats Project Phase Two in Harare.

In a statement last Thursday, National Housing and Social Amenities minister Giles Mutsekwa said a recent audit into the housing scheme had unearthed a can of worms where minors some as young as 8 and 13, had benefited.

Mutsekwa said beneficiaries who made false declarations about property ownership would have their agreements cancelled and their contributions refunded.

He cited the registration of Karren Nothando Masukusa (8) and Tapiwa Simbarashe Zengeya (13) as having been done without approval.

Indeed, those beneficiaries, who declared falsely, will have their agreements cancelled and refunded their payments less the penalty as stipulated in the agreement of sale, Mutsekwa said.

Beneficiaries drawn from the civil service were selected at ministry level with some opting to pay the commercial deposit of $10 000 with the rest paying $3 600. The first 80 units were pegged at $36 760 while the remaining 160 units were at
$40 000.

Mutsekwa said members of the public had to pay a deposit of $10 000 while the remainder would be paid off in 15 years. Civil servants, who deposited $3 600, were expected to settle their balance over 25 years.

In 2010, the government allocated an initial $25 million to establish a Revolving National Housing Loan Facility which was part of the International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights to Zimbabwe.

The facility was targeted at people without own accommodation.