CZI boss slams EU, US for sanctions


President of Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) and group chief executive Officer of Allied Timbers Holdings, Joseph Kanyekanye, has accused the European Union (EU) and United States of holding Zimbabwe at ransom through illegal sanctions imposed on Zanu PF officials and their companies.

Kanyekanye made the remarks in Harare last week while addressing delegates at a policy dialogue forum debating the impact of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The EU and the US sanctions are holding the GPA (Global Political Agreement) to ransom. Why not remove the sanctions and see what all the parties in the GPA will do? Why not give us a chance? To me, sanctions are not addressing the democracy issue, he said.

Analysts claimed the sanctions were stifling the GPA with Zanu PF manipulating the issue politically and propagandising it as part of efforts to frustrate reform, while the MDC formations claimed they had no control over the trade and travel embargo.

Meanwhile, political analyst Charles Mangongera said the recent delisting of 51 Zanu PF officials had derailed the partys campaign strategy.

This move has disarmed Zanu PF in that sanctions had been their campaign mantra and the delisting will divide the party because those delisted will show reformist elements and want to prove they have changed while those still under sanctions will want to show their bravado that they are not hurt at all by the measures, he said.

Economist Ibbo Mandaza said sanctions had scared away potential investors and affected ordinary Zimbabweans.