Constituency Spotlight


Bikita West Constituency MP Heya Shoko MDC-T
Shoko took over the reins after defeating Zanu PFs retired colonel Claudius Makova.

What the people said about their MP

Gwenhamo Masunda, Village head in
Tavengerwei village.
I know the MP. He is approachable, available and accessible. While he helped us with the building of a block at Masunda Bikita Secondary School, there is still a lot of work for him to do as there is only one block and teachers have no accommodation. We are also in need of a borehole in the area as people drink water from the river.

Esther Usai, a vendor at Nyika growth point
I know the MP, but I have never attended meetings he has held in the area. He has not done many things for us at the growth point. Maybe he is spending his energy in the rural areas.

Lazurus Pakai, a welder at Silveira Business Center

The MP comes here regularly and he has helped us by build a classroom block at Mpakwa Secondary school. He is open and calls regular meetings.

Johannes Darikai (74), a pensioner and communal farmer from Mukanganwi business centre
He regularly calls for meetings and reports back to the electorate. I have seen several MPs in my lifetime that served the area, but some were acting without consultation. Shoko consults us, especially on the issue of constituency development projects where councillors from all parties make decisions with him.

Elvis Hweshero, an unemployed youth at Mukore Business Centre
I do not know our MP but I just hear he is seen somewhere around. He has not helped us with our problem of a stolen generator from Mukore River. There is also the issue of electricity which has never been connected for two years now, despite the fact the houses. He should act on that.

Response by the MP
I admit the constituency faces several problems, but we prioritised the construction of school blocks as some kids were learning in the open under trees while others would walk several kilometres to get education. We covered several schools but those that were crying for attention included Mpakwa secondary, Bikita Masunda, and Mashavhi schools among others.

I did not just dictate what projects or areas to cover with the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), but I consulted with the local councillors from all political parties. They told me of the areas that needed urgent attention.

But when we are given another allocation of CDF, we will always cover those areas. I also urge the local community to take me as an MP for the area as others polarise things and think that I am an MP only for MDC people, which is counter-productive.

Buhera Central Constituency – MP-Tangwara Matimba (MDC-T)
This constituency covers eight wards and although people appear not to know much about the MP they have applauded him for notable developments that have taken place in the constituency. Others accused him of not following procedures.

What people said about their MP

Taru Muzilikazi (Ward 22)
I dont know him, but he is doing well because most schools have improved. The government set up schools but they have failed to maintain them. With Matimba we have seen a lot of development in the constituency. Schools like Muzilikazi Secondary school are now doing well.

He comes here quite often to address problems within the constituency and he even distributed cement at schools using his own car.

Dennis Machiragwama (Ward 23)
I dont follow politics much but he has done a lot especially for children whom he rescued in this ward by paying school fees for them. Some of them are now going to school under a programme he initiated. He is also distributing food.

The only problem is that he is doing nothing to improve the main road from Murambinda to Birchenough Bridge.

Another good thing is that he has distributed clothes to the needy and takes great care of orphans.

Bonface Gotora
While I have no problems with the MP, I blame the councillors who tend to politicise all the issues brought forward by the MP. The MP has done great things for the constituency.

We have schools such as Mutezo Primary School that have received furniture and building materials from him. Muzilikazi and Machiragwama secondary schools benefited with at least two classroom blocks from the CDF.

The only problem is that there is nothing being done to improve our main road. Our MP has also denounced violence in the constituency.

Anxious Muzilikazi Zanu PF councillor Ward (22)
He did not follow proper procedures when it came to the distribution of CDF. He did not even convene a meeting involving all councillors. Although his breakdown of funds is well put on paper, practically it has not been used efficiently.

He allocated 300 bags of cement to Muzilikazi Secondary School, but he only brought about 36 bags. He seems not to follow procurement procedures of buying and distribution of money and there is no committee.

At one point the District Administrator summoned him to his office to have an update on the developments that had taken place in the constituency but he did not turn up for the meeting.
Grace Chitima (Ward 32)

He has done a lot for the constituency because most of the clinics here had no nurses houses and it had become difficult for nurses to come here.
There was serious shortage of health staff but he has managed to construct nurses houses for most of the clinics and most schools were renovated and teachers houses constructed.

I think he has tried his best to take this constituency from the sorry state left by Kangai. He regularly holds meetings with the people.

MPS response
I dont know where to start because I have done a lot with the support of the people in this constituency.

My focus was on health and education and in Ward 16 we constructed two classroom blocks and two houses at Muteve, Sanga, and Mashingaidze schools.

In Ward 18 we constructed a classroom block at Mutauto and in Ward 19 we built a nurses house. In Ward 20 we constructed staff houses at Mutemera clinic and a classroom block at Mutemera Secondary School.

In Ward 21at Murwira I managed to construct nurses houses, teachers houses and a classroom block. We did the same at Pedzisai and Mukambirwa schools.

In Ward 22 where the councillor is crying foul, I have built a block at Muzilikazi School, teachers houses at Gotora Primary School and a classroom block at Usavi Secondary School.

In Ward 23, there is a classroom block and a teachers house at Machiragwama school.
Lastly, in Ward 32 as I speak there is a house at Maneta Primary School that is being constructed.
All these projects have committees running them.