Comoil faces eviction over rentals


Comoil, one of the countrys leading fuel companies faces eviction for failing to pay its rentals at a Harare property owned by the Local Authorities Pensions Fund (LAPF).

According to papers filed at the High Court on January 30 2012, LAPF is demanding more than $150 000 from Comoil and wants the oil company ejected from its building over its failure to settle the arrears.

Plaintiff (LAPF) claims from defendant payment of $159 080 being rental arrears, payment of $2 880 being insurance charges. An order ejecting defendant and all those claiming a right occupation through it from stand 18845 Harare Township of stand 7736 Salisbury Township, said LAPF in their declaration.

According to the lease agreement signed by the two parties in 2005, the oil company was expected to pay $200 per month plus 15%VAT thereon or 2,5% of the gross turnover per month plus VAT.

The company also allegedly agreed to pay insurance charges for the building.

Defendant defaulted on making due and punctual payment of its rentals and has not made consistent payments as from January 2009 resulting in an accumulation of arrear rentals and charges in the sum of $161 960 as of January 1 2012 comprising of capital of $159 080 and insurance charges of $2 880 as more fully appears from the attached statement of account.

As a result of defendants default, plaintiff cancelled the lease agreement and demanded that defendant vacate the property but defendant refused, LAPF said in papers filed at the High Court.