Sounds of the Muddy Face, Kapfupi shine


The Sounds of the Muddy Face, a group that was led by the late Cephas Mashakada, on Friday proved it can survive beyond its founder. The group staged a memorable show at Welcome Nightclub at Makoni shopping centre in Chitungwiza.

New leader of the group Shemu Chibage Mashonganyika revealed during the show the group will soon release an album featuring some songs recorded by the late musician.

He had compiled some songs and we would just add a few others to complete the album. We are putting final touches to the album and it will be out within a few months, said Chibage.

We want to honour him through the album. We are grateful for the support we are getting from well-wishers and promoters at this trying time when we are beginning to stage shows without Mashakada.

We are really feeling his absence, but we are trying our best to ensure his music does not die. Special mention goes to proprietors of Welcome Nightclub who have given us the platform to launch our revival campaign.

Chibage gained popularity as Mashakadas side-kick and would always thrill fans with his comic dance skills and playing of rattles. Now he has numerous roles in the group as lead vocalist, dancer and percussionist.

He led the group well through songs such as Vadzidzi Vangu, Samson, Job Muranda and Tariro. Other band members complemented their new leader very well.

A new lead guitarist who has taken over from Mashakada strummed the instrument to fans delight.
Chibage said their performance at the 21st Movement Gala in Chipinge on Saturday was a platform to show fans across the country that they would keep Mashakadas music alive.

Meanwhile, as the Sounds of the Muddy Face dazzled fans in Chitungwiza it was a different tale elsewhere in the capital where fans were left disappointed by Energy Mutodis performance at Sports Diner International.

There were high expectations considering experienced musicians Shiga Shiga and Spencer Kumulani who were key members of Utakataka Express recently joined the group.

Despite having the powerful duo, the flamboyant rhumba musician failed to live up to his billing.
He started his performance with the song Ruvimbo from his latest album Kumasese and went on to play other songs from previous albums, but his effort was not enough to excite fans.

Shiga Shiga came on stage and did his chants, but the Congolese looked out of place in comparison to his zeal and popularity at Utakataka Express.

Kumulani took turns with a Real Sounds of Africa guitarist on stage, but he could not generate the applause that usually goes with his guitar-strumming skills.

There seemed to be a conflict between the old and new band members leaving the performance poor and far below expectations.

However Freddy Kapfupi Manjalima, who shared the stage with Mutodi, had a good day in office as the comical musician stole the hearts of many when he played his popular songs Amai Nga and Musoja sending the crowd into frenzy.