Nun gives female students hard time


KWEKWE A Roman Catholic nun is reportedly giving female students at Kwekwe Polytechnic a torrid time by barring them access to lectures for being unsuitably dressed.

Sister Irene Mapuranga, who is the vice-principal at the college, allegedly takes time every morning to stand by the college entrance gate where she turns away students wearing tight-fighting clothing or tops which expose their backs.

Students who spoke to NewsDay on condition they were not named said Sister Mapuranga was particular about what the students wore to class and at times she took some of them for private prayers sessions before sending them back home to get properly dressed.

She sent me home over a skirt which I was wearing saying the slit was too high and exposing. She told me that kind of dressing was the devils work and that I needed to be exorcised of evil spirits, said one of the students turned away this week.

The vice-principal refused to comment on the allegations, saying she did not speak to the Press.
Some lecturers who spoke to NewsDay said Sister Mapuranga had also instructed the college security to send away students dressed in a way she disapproved, saying at times lectures had been disrupted owing to the move.

Most of the female students come to class late or miss the lectures altogether and this disrupts our work, but she is the VP and has backing to do those things, said a lecturer who refused to be named.
NewsDay witnessed three students being turned away on Monday by Sister Mapuranga.