Jailed for whipping guard with snake


A Bulawayo man recently got more than what he had probably bargained for after he whipped a female prison officer using a dead snake following a dispute.

Lungisani Nkomo (27) of Nkulumane was on Monday convicted on his own plea of guilty to assault when he appeared before Bulawayo provincial magistrate Richard Ramaboea.

Ramaboea slapped him with an effective 30-day jail term.

The court heard that on February 13, Nkomo met Clarent Jimu, who is employed by the Zimbabwe Prison Service, in Nkulumane suburb.

He drew closer and spoke to her in Ndebele, but she replied in Shona. When Nkomo remonstrated with her over her choice of language, the prison officer would not budge.

In a fit of rage, Nkomo grabbed Jimus hand and whipped her using a dead snake he picked up at the spot. Although Jimu did not sustain physical injuries, she felt extremely offended by Nkomos use of a dead snake to strike her and caused his arrest.

Asked by the trial magistrate why he committed the offence, Nkomo said he had done so under the influence of alcohol.

You had intoxicated yourself? asked Ramaboea.
Yes, replied Nkomo.

You knew you were striking a person with a dead snake? asked the magistrate.

I knew.
Those who speak in Shona offend you? asked the magistrate.
I am sorry, he said.