Chihuri defends roadblocks


Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri yesterday defended the increased number of roadblocks on the countrys roads, saying motorists complaining of inconvenience were misguided.

Commuter omnibus drivers plying the Norton-Harare route on Monday went on strike claiming police demanding bribes at the roadblocks were pushing them out of business.

The drivers claimed they were losing in excess of $50 per day in bribes to police.

There were also allegations that officers manning roadblocks were being given daily targets for spot fines to enable the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to buy a new fleet of luxury cars.

The Bulawayo-Harare highway alone has more than five roadblocks.

Speaking at a passout parade at Morris Depot in Harare, Chihuri said the roadblocks were there to stay.

Let me state categorically that the reckless and misguided call to remove the traffic police from the roads is a non-starter, he said.

By the nature of their job, police operate from out there and not in offices and as Commissioner-General of Police, I will be grossly irresponsible to take the officers from the roads and accommodate them in offices just to laze around.

Their work is out there and they will remain out there.

The ZRP is one of the institutions that is reportedly not remitting revenue to Treasury.