Karoi off Zinara blacklist


Karoi Town Council, which was reportedly blacklisted for allegedly abusing Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara) funds meant for road rehabilitation, has been cleared of any wrong-doing after submitting 2010-2011 acquittals detailing how the funds were used.

Subsequently, Zinara has allocated the local authority $132 414 for road maintenance in the farming town.

Town secretary Maxwell Kaitano told NewsDay on Tuesday that the council had been wrongly fingered, along other municipalities, for having misappropriated Zinara funds.

“We were surprised to read in the media that our council had been blacklisted for abusing Zinara funds,” he said.

“I am happy to announce that the incorrect assertion has been ironed out with the relevant authority after submission of acquittals, resulting in our qualification for funding to the tune of $132 414 for this year.”

Karoi was on October 30 2010 garnished $20 850 of the $65 200 Zinara funds by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for non-remittance of tax, forcing council to commit its own resources to maintain roads, most of which were in a sorry state.

Acting town engineer Oswell Mazvimbakupa, however, said the 2012 Zinara allocation was a far cry from the projected $356 000 council needed to reseal over 138km of major roads in the town which he said had outlived their lifespan.