Biti charged for negligent driving


Finance minister Tendai Biti will next month face trial for alleged negligent driving resulting from an accident he was involved in sometime in March 2010 near Chegutu, along the Harare-Bulawayo highway.

Attorney-General (AG) Johannes Tomana could, however, neither confirm nor deny the development when contacted for comment on Tuesday. He said the case was too trivial to warrant his attention.

“I am hearing it from you. It’s a small issue to warrant my attention,” Tomana said.

“Summoning him will be the right thing and the most civilised way instead of arresting anyone. All cases must be addressed in a civilised way and if one is asked to answer, he answers.”

An official at the AG’s Office yesterday confirmed police investigations on the matter were complete.
Biti was reportedly supposed to be served with summons last December, but the case failed to take off because he was out of the country.

“He was supposed to be served with summons in December to appear in court for trial on December 20. When we wanted to serve him with summons, he was out of the country, but we will do that in March when he is expected to face trial,” the source said.

Chief Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena yesterday said he needed to check on the issue before he could comment.

According to preliminary police investigations, Biti could have encroached onto the lane of an on-coming truck when he was side-swapped by a trailer of the haulage truck at the 99km-peg along the Harare-Bulawayo road.