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Senator calls for land audit


Tsholotsho Senator Believe Gaule has called on the government to conduct a land audit in the district to expose multiple farm owners and those failing to fully utilise pieces of land allocated to them during the land reform programme.

“My appeal to the government is that Tsholotsho needs an immediate land audit,” he said.

“This should be done so as to find out whether farmers are utilising land efficiently,” Gaule said.

“More land should be given to deserving farmers who will use it in a way that brings development to the area.”

He said there were farmers who own more than one farm and were failing to utilise all the land.

“Some farmers own more than one farm in Tsholotsho and with the large tracts of land they own, they end up failing to utilise all of it,” Gaule said.

“This is unfair to skilled farmers with less land, who could do more.”

He said an audit could also help decongest some of the overcrowded villagers.

“There is a problem of villagers being overcrowded in some areas particularly in Ward 19 at the Jibhi — Tshabanda area and a land audit will be able to solve this problem by allocating more land for these people to spread out,” he said.

Last year the Zipra Veterans Trust made similar calls and urged the government to flush out non-productive farmers from strategic farms in the district.

The government has repeatedly refused to disclose findings of all its previous land audits since 1980, amid reports that some senior government officials own more than one farm.

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