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Parties want MPs punished


Opposition political parties have called for the immediate resignation and prosecution of 10 MPs accused of abusing their Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocations.

Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn, (MKD) Zanu Ndonga and Zapu said those who failed to account for the $50 000 allocated to their constituencies in 2010 must be barred from future elections.

Zanu Ndonga president Gondai Vhutuza said people had lost trust in the MPs implicated in the scam.

“The MPs implicated should automatically be barred from Parliament and by-elections called for immediately and they should not be allowed to stand as candidates,” he said.

“MPs can be nominated as ministers and we are worried they may have abused even donated public funds that have nothing to do with CDF,” Vhutuza said MKD spokesperson Silver Bhebe said all MPs that were fingered by Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs minister Eric Matinenga must first account for the money before they were disciplined.

“They should not stand as MPs if found guilty,” Bhebhe said.

“The calibre of MPs we have is pathetic and there should be minimum standards set to qualify for the position of MP like educational qualifications and financial security because some cannot even look after their families and it would be difficult for them to take care of the needs of their constituencies.”

MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said MPs from Zanu PF and MDC-T had proved to be untrustworthy. None of the MPs named by Matinenga are from the Welshman Ncube-led MDC.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission should be called in to investigate and those people handed to the police,” he said.

Zapu spokesperson Methuseli Moyo concurred: “The MP is supposed to be honourable, but what they did was dishonourable.”

Some of the MPs have said they were wrongfully cited and will prove that they did not abuse the fund.

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